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Ethiopia Mission & Training Sponsorship

We're sponsoring Pastor Elias Dubago (pictured on the far left at this wedding picture) for two years of training at the Ethiopian Union College. Very few nationals have the ability that this young man has. He speaks two Ethiopian languages--Amharic and Hadiyinya--and is learning English. This will be helpful to the work in Ethiopia.

The cost is $1,250 for tuition per year and the same to cover living expenses for his family while he's in school. Generous contributions covered one year of study. We are looking for others to contribute.

God bless you.

Pastor Kevin Morgan

      Ethiopia Union Office                  Addis Ababa SDA Church

Cattle crossing road 
     Animals share the road                 Sahilo, Mike Tucker, me

    children at Hosanna site            Felix with translator & Pastor

  Processing "teff" native grain                 Bus ride to Digba  
      Typical house in village               Welcome to Digba site

     First Sabbath in Digba               Can you spot Pastor Kevin?

        My "voice" Tafesse                 Evening attendance 1000+