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Journeying to the Same Heaven (new edition)
Ellen G. White, the Civil War, and the Goal of Post-Racialism

By Kevin L. Morgan

217 pages. $19.95  
Available through amazon.com
"Well-read, well-connected, or very insightful" is the American History professor's response to Ellen White's Civil War "testimonies."

In the 150th anniversary year of the American Civil War's end and Lincoln's death and the 100th anniversary year of Ellen White's death comes Journeying to the Same Heaven: Ellen G. White, the Civil War, and the Goal of Post-Racialism, a
 book using historical sources to shed light on Ellen White’s counsels, answering questions about race and mission:
  • What were Ellen White’s views on slavery, the American Civil War, and African Americans?
  • Why did it take so long for Adventists to begin work among the Freedmen when the war was over?
  • Was segregation in Seventh-day Adventist institutions a matter of principle or merely a temporary strategy?

Readers' responses
“Good stuff.”
—Dr. Michael Turner, Ph.D., Professor of British History, Appalachian State University

“I couldn't put it down.”
—Sue Hulquist, TEACH Services, Inc.

“I am very encouraged by your book.”
—Dr. Benjamin J. Baker, Ph.D., former assistant archivist and historian, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Your book “sets forth with clarity Ellen White’s significant contribution to the issue of race relations historically
and presently in Seventh-day Adventism.” —Dr. Jud Lake, Th.D., D.Min, Professor of Preaching and
Adventist Studies, Southern Adventist University

Teachers will find Journeying to the Same Heaven useful in discussing the moral basis for the American Civil War.
New and long-time Seventh-day Adventists will find its affirmation of Ellen White's counsels reassuring.
White Seventh-day Adventists will find its recounting of African American history revealing.
African American Seventh-day Adventists will find its candidness refreshing.

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SACRED TIME unRemembered
How the original Sabbath was lost and why it matters

By Daniel Knauft, with Kevin Morgan
163 pages. $19.95  
Available through http://surgeinamerica.com/bookstore
In the beginning—in Eden—sacred time became the centerpiece of Creation. Blessed and hallowed by the Creator, the seventh day of the week (Saturday) became a permanent temple in time. Again, from the mountain of Sinai God announced to the world that “the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD your God” (Exodus 20:10). Millennia have passed, and where is the sacred time of the seventh day? Forgotten, lost! Who would dare to pre-empt the original “Lord's day”? Was it Jesus who claimed to be Lord of it? Or was it His disciples? How would this treasure be lost to humanity?

History's answer. “Under [Roman Emperor Constantine’s] regime, Sunday became the Christian Sabbath.” (“The Real Jesus,” U.S. News and World Report, March 8, 2004, p. 44)

In Sacred Time unRemembered, researcher Daniel Knauft traces in history the circumstances of ecclesiastical compromise, anti-Jewish sentiment, and political expediency that cost the world its magnificent treasure—sacred time. He persistently asks—in order to honor the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ—why is it necessary to abandon the seventh day which honors Him as our Creator?

In ten biblical evidences for the Creation Sabbath, the author advances the reasons why Catholics and Protestants must take the
lead in recovering the lost meaning, delight and divine blessing of the Bible's and Jesus Christ's seventh day.
Pastor Morgan's appraisal of this new book:

“A very powerful book on the topic of the Sabbath. It includes new quotations and historical background that likely are unfamiliar to most readers.” 

Donn Leiske, M.Ed. wrote:

“This is by far the best book I have seen on the Sabbath. Though it is easy to read and its logic is clear, it is very well documented. Thanks for providing the world with such a wonderful book.” 

See full book review here..
Listen to the opening pages of the book here..


White Lie Soap: For Removal of Lingering Stains on Ellen White's Integrity as an Inspired Writer

182 pages. $19.95 
Available through Adventist Book Centers 1-800-366-1844
Ellen G. White's Christ-centered writings have comforted and encouraged generations of Christians. Yet, Mrs. White's integrity as an inspired author has been impugned by accusations in the book The White Lie and its legacy on the Internet. 

White Lie Soap was specially formulated to lift these lingering stains and leave a fresh appreciation of God’s prophetic guidance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It cleans up concerns about ...
  1. Ellen White's "copying" from sources for her books
  2. Ellen White's denials and originality
  3. Ellen White's literary errors, supposed and real
  4. Supposed mistakes in The Great Controversy
  5. Issues regarding Sketches from the Life of Paul

Readers' responses:

“ Your book is by far the best thing I have read on the subject of Ellen White’s writing. You have dealt very persuasively and kindly with every imaginable question that an honest critic could have. I feel personally indebted to you for the enormous amount of time and energy you have spent in giving the world such a satisfying explanation of the false assertions that some have made relative to Ellen White’s ministry.” 
—Robert W. Olson, retired director Ellen G. White Estate

“ A very thoughtfully done, much-needed work.” 
—Jerry Moon, Chairman Church History, Andrews University

“ I believe this book will be helpful in clarifying the issues of copying, borrowing, and plagiarism regarding Ellen White’s writings.” 
—Denis Fortin, Dean School of Theology, Andrews University

“ It’s thorough, interesting and needful. You’re providing a very helpful book.” 
—Jeff Filiberto, retired physician, Lookout Mountain, Georgia

“ I have read the entire manuscript. You have done a fine job.” 
—Walter T. Rea, author of The White Lie


MORE THAN WORDS: A Study of Inspiration and Ellen White's Use of Sources in The Desire of Ages

192 pages. $19.95 
Available through Adventist Book Centers 1-800-366-1844
MORE THAN WORDS recounts the fascinating story of the writing of one of the most loved and best selling of Ellen White's works--the devotional classic on the life of Christ, The Desire of Ages. But it does more: it provides a solid and faith-confirming response to the charge that The Desire of Ages was simply the warming over of selections from earlier works on the life of Christ.
  1. Her Heart's Desire
  2. The Charges Require an Examination: Introducing Four Exhibits
  3. DA, ch. 1 - A Scriptural Tapestry, "God With Us"
  4. DA, ch. 2 - A Sampling of Her Literary Style, "The Chosen People"
  5. DA, ch. 77 - Her Earlier Narrative Refined, "In Pilate's Judgment Hall"
  6. DA, ch. 78 - An Eyewitness Account, "Calvary"
  7. Evaluating Ellen White's Use of Sources
  8. Issues of Legality, Ethics, and Integrity
  9. The Litmus Test of Inspiration
  10. Closing Statements
Readers' responses:
  • "Extremely interesting"
  • "Significant"
  • "Well laid out to lead the reader through the evidence"
  • "King and Morgan do a service to the Church by laying out very simply (and in a colorful way) just how Ellen White used other sources." --Michael Campbell, Ph.D.
  • "You have covered all the major issues related to the plagiarism charge--and more!" --Jud Lake, Ph.D., at Southern Adventist University


Is There Something Missing in
Your Busy Life?
101 pages. $7.95 / Case of 50 - $125.00
Available through honorhimpublishers@gmail.com
  • It's time we take time for God.
  • Why many Christians no longer observe the seventh-day Sabbath
  • Christians still need "Sabbath rest."
  • Most Christian scholars admit there is no Biblical "Sunday Sabbath."
  • Are the Church Fathers the "missing link" of Sunday succession?
  • From Sabbath day to "Lord's Day" in history
  • Protestants, Catholics, and the authority for Sunday worship
  • Your questions answered
Click to view.


What to Do When You Are "Right"

... a book for our time, for our Church.

335 page. $14.95
Available through honorhimpublishers@gmail.com
Dr. Leroy Moore's latest book has recently come off the press and contains the powerful concept that all Adventists and all students of Christian history need to understand so they can do that which seems to be escaping many Christians in these last days--answer the prayer of Christ "THAT THEY MAY BE ONE."

Convinced they were right about theology and thinking they had
Ellen G. White's support, Waggoner and Jones set out to change
the understanding of salvation within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God too wanted them to share their message. "But though earnest and sincere, they did not know themselves" (page 35), and they failed to follow His counsel.

"In bypassing the proscribed process to avoid conflict and delay they guaranteed continued conflict in what is now nearly a century and a quarter of delay!" (page 145)

"... men called of God for a great work are especially tempted to violate their own principles, as this is Satan's supreme method of defeating their message." (page 44)

Leroy Moore unpacks the experience of Jones and Waggoner, as well as others, in a new light. 
Through their stories he reveals the secret of helping others see truth--the POWER of humility! 
You'll understand yourself better and find a new way to present truth to others.


Adventist Cultures in Conflict
Principles of Reconciliation

158 pages. $16.95
Available through honorhimpublishers@gmail.com

Chapters include:
  • Does Authority Lie in Culture or in the Word?
  • Pharisee Culture vs. Christ's Authority
  • Sadducee Culture vs. Christ's Authority
  • Christ and Culture: The Great Paradox
  • Culture's Enmity Against Divine Authority
  • Worship in Spirit and Truth
  • Minneapolis and Celebration Worship
  • At-one-ment Celebration
  • Collapse of Babylon's Dialectical Languages
  • The Shaking of Adventism
  • Liberation from Babylon


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